Festival Collections

Persephone's return to earth just got a lot more rock and roll. Celebrate the return of spring with Medusa, Aphrodite, The Morrigan and so many more!

Celebrate Rapunzel's escape from the tower with all your favorite fairytale characters. From Snow White to Think and so many more!

Winter solstice has never been so cool.

Bring in the winter weather with Odin, Demeter,Skadi and Cailleach Bhear

WonderWitch does not disappoint.

The quality of the shirts is impeccably comfy. That is nothing to say about the design, I MEAN COME ON. Sassy-reimaged-takes-on-mythology, oh heck yeah. If there was an emote for take my money, it would be here. I felt super cute all day, and wasn't shy about telling people where I got it from. Yes, I got asked. A lot.

-Amy Renee

They take up 80% of my closet

I have ordered so many of wonder witch shirts and I am obsessed with every single one! They take up 80% of my closet and everyone always compliments them when I wear them! The art work is always stunning! As a plus size girl it’s also hard to find ones that fit and I finally did! Highly recommend 🙌🏼♥️
-Alexis Gaudreau