Kaitlin Nunnari

I am absolutely addicted to WonderWitch clothing! The art is beautiful and definitely not what everyone is wearing on the street. WonderWitch makes me feel witchy and powerful in my own clothes. Because there are variety of sizes and styles, I am able to choose more options and rock whatever vibe I am feeling. I’m free to express myself whether I am feeling more Slytherin, witchy, or goddess like that day. So excited to see what comes out next! 

Tisha M.

So I originally found your page via a (Domestic Abuse/Sexual Assault) support group called 'Hell hath no fury' on Facebook. Someone recommended your artwork for a potential logo. I decided to go ahead and check you out myself, as I am a witch and love finding unique ways to support my Goddesses and Deities! I found 4 t-shirt designs I loved and I immediately bought them. I cannot express how satisfied I am with the quality, design and overall fit of the shirts I received! I whatever worn them all for several days now, no lie! I live my shirts and look forward to buying many, many more!

Lauren Lappan

I absolutely love the tshirt and sweatshirt I ordered, I got the Demeter sweatshirt and Athena tee. Both very quickly became wardrobe staples. The sweatshirt is soft and comfy, perfect for lounging, and the tshirt pairs great with so many things and is a super soft material! All of the products are so cute, I can’t wait to buy more! Thanks so much Wonder Witch Boutique!